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Austra's electro pulsates powerfully.

July 18, 2011
Toronto's Austra is epically haunting electro that darkly throbs with thunderously rich club beats... the kind of booming beats that go creep in the night.

The trio is comprised of Katie Stelmanis, Maya Postepski and Dorian Wolf, and together they make those kinds of sounds that get under your skin and cling to your bones.

Their first release, The Beat and the Pulse, was not only a perfect title for what this band sounds like, but was also super solid in its dark, ambient awesomeness. And Austra has recently put out an exceptional full-length follow-up called "Feel It Break." That record's got a mighty good goth-y groove going on... maybe The Knife meets Cold Cave or something?

Oh yeah, that 12" was put out by One Big Silence (also home to Diamond Rings), the record label run by Mike Haliechuk of Fucked Up. Anyway, you should check out Austra. They'll change your mood.

Austra (and Cold Cave!) play the LA Ukrainian Cultural Center, on Wednesday, July 27th.


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