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Take me away, Cuckoo Chaos. Take me away!

August 8, 2011
Cuckoo Chaos is five peeps from San Diego that play tropically chill guitar pop. They often receive comparisons to the much more popular (for now) Vampire Weekend band, but think less "world" rhythms and more "noodling" from Cuckoo Chaos.

This perfectly pleasing pop has plenty of sunny summery bounce to its choruses (and many multi-part harmonies), but the songs also like to meander and take their verses and bridges on to less travelled rhythmic roads. Good. That always makes pop more interesting, don't you think?

Oh yeah, if you like that other new band Gardens and Villa that we recently wrote about, you might like Cuckoo Chaos too. Just throwing that out there.

Cuckoo Chaos' debut seven song record is coming out in September on Lefse (home to Neon Indian + How to Dress Well + Keepaway among others) and it's certainly accessible enough to bring these guys into the same rarified airspace as that Vampire Weekend band.

Cuckoo Chaos plays The Echo, on Saturday, August 20th.


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