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Bleached took over see them take over LA!

October 31, 2011
Bleached is the bright and energetic duo of sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin. You might know them from that really good band Mika Miko. As Bleached, the Clavins crank out the short and quick classic punk rock riffs of yesteryear (with a little bit of sunny surf buried down deep in there to keep things sounding 'happy punk' instead of 'I'm a heroin addict and angry and utterly utterly alone' punk).

So to get a grasp of what this band's sound is all about imagine if Max's Kansas City was in Southern California instead of NYC and Bleached played there for free to a crowd drunk on free booze every Thursday night. You'd also have to imagine a time machine to imagine all that, I suppose. Hell, stop imagining and start listening. You'll see what I mean.

I should also note that this band is getting known for their "fun" live shows. Look, I like to have fun as much as the next guy. But a fun live show has absolutely no place in rock 'n roll. Give me a crowd staring at their shoes or give ME DEATH. JK, guys. JK! LOL! ROFL!

Anyway, get into Bleached and they just might invite you to the party... at Max's Kansas City in Southern California circa 1978. You heard it here first.

Bleached play The Echo on Thursday, November 17th.


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