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Get ready for FMLY FEST!

December 19, 2011
We just love the vibe of the people who run FMLY. Their aesthetic, their ideals, they're doing it right. And we're particularly excited to be a sponsor of this year's FMLY Fest!

FMLY Fest is a recent annual tradition that highlights some of the best up-and-coming LA bands. This year it's happening over two days (Thursday, December 29th at Catnap + Friday, December 30th at Chuco's). There are many, many bands playing: some you may have heard of before (Fidlar, Kid Infinity, Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman etc.) and many you have not.

And that's what FMLY does best: music discovery. Personally, I've found out about a bunch of new bands because of their mad curatorial skillz. Sure, it's fun to see a band you already love. But it's better to see a good band you've never heard of before for the very first time.

We're really looking forward to this. And we hope to see you there!

FMLY fest is Thursday, December 29th at Catnap (1726 N. Spring St, LA : show starts at 2pm) and Friday, December 30th at Chuco's (1137 Redondo Blvd., Inglewood : show starts at 2pm)


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