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Maus Haus: You Know That New Sound You've Been Lookin' For?

March 4, 2012
Maus Haus is a six-piece out of San Francisco that combines synths, classical instruments (guess that means no electric guitars) and a bunch of drum machines to create wacky (some like to say "experimental," but I like to say "wacky") psych-baroque-garage-noise-pop that rocks out in its own strange and satisfying way.

This big band has been compared to some of those old bands featured on that famous "Nuggets" compilation, as well as... let's see... Captain Beefheart and Grandaddy and Kratfwork and... Soul Coughing? So yeah, comparisons tend to go pretty much all over the place when describing Maus Haus. But that's what happens when you do your own thing; you leave everyone confused and grasping at straws to find a band you sound like.

Maus Haus plays a ton of shows in the Bay Area and beyond. They've recently played dates (not to be confused with "play dates," because I don't think Maus Haus is into Easy-Bake ovens and tea parties and swirly slides) with such notables as Javelin, Wavves, School of Seven Bells, Thee Oh Sees and Lemonade to name but a few.

Anyway, decide to get into Maus Haus if you're like Chuck Berry and looking for a new sound.

Maus Haus plays Central Social Aid & Pleasure Club on Friday, March 9th.


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