I am Jeff Mangum. You are Jeff Mangum. We are ALL Jeff Mangum. - Oh My Rockness

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I am Jeff Mangum. You are Jeff Mangum. We are ALL Jeff Mangum.

April 1, 2012
"Jeff Mangum" doesn't exist. People think he exists. But people also think Big Foot exists. And Santa Claus. And Thomas Pynchon. Hell, people even think 2Pac DOESN'T exist. But everyone knows he's living in Cuba with his grandma. So what do people know about existence anyway...

"Jeff Mangum" doesn't exist. Because how could a mere mortal write and craft an album like In the Aeroplane over the Sea?" It's just not possible. Only mythological characters write songs about kings of carrot flowers and such.

So it was surprising to look on the Oh My Rockness (that's us) show list and see a few listings for a "Jeff Mangum" playing Coachella.

My Oh My Rockness partner must have been pulling another gag on this here old boy. She tends to do those kinds of things. One time she listed "Balki Bartokomous" as headlining The Echo ("Cockroach" was listed as the supporting act).

So show up to see this "Jeff Mangum" we have listed if you must. But get used to your disappointment at realizing "Jeff Mangum" doesn't exist, never did exist, and always was just a figment of the imagination of some idealistic person who thought there was still room in music for a truely visionary artist. Wow, the joke's on them.

The joke is on us. "Jeff Mangum" doesn't exist. We live in the real world. The world of New Kids on the Backstreet Boys reunion shows. "Jeff Mangum" isn't the real world. "Jeff Mangum" is myth. "Jeff Mangum" doesn't exist. How could he??

"Jeff Mangum" plays Coachella. Sure he does.


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