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Take me away, Peaking Lights. Take me away!

April 22, 2012

Wisconsin's Peaking Lights are a husband/wife duo comprised of Indra Dunis (primary vocalist) and Aaron Coyes. This band is probably unlike any band you've heard before (perhaps). Primarily relying on a Hammond organ, a drum machine, some big time bass thumps, and loops (lots and lots of loops) Peaking Lights create something like "harmonious space drone magic pop."

It's weird. It's pretty. It's strangely danceable. It's kind of drugged out. It's not boring. And due to the singularity of the way these songs are built (the creative craftsmanship at work here is readily apparent even to the most casual music fan), the result is a unique musical feat that can't easily be replicated.

That’s why I'm betting you've never heard a band like this before. But I'm not betting money. I'm betting cookies; because you are probably a pretty sharp tack when it comes to bands and the history of music. I can afford to part with my Hydrox (there're more of those at Mommy's house). I can't afford to part with my bread, baby. This $37 is going to take over the world someday.

So give Peaking Lights a listen. If you like them, invite me over for a Peaking Lights dance party. Shit would get crazzzzzy. I'll bring the sweets; you provide the shrooms (you see, I always like to eat vegetables to offset the deleterious effects of really sugary snacks).

Peaking Lights play The Echo, on Wednesday, May 2nd.


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