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Light Asylum: you feeling this?

May 6, 2012
Light Asylum is the entirely epic (I know that word epic is overused, but Light Asylum is; epic, that is) dark electro dance grind project of powerhouse singer (and drummer) Shannon Funchess and synth maestro Bruno Coviello. And oh hey, you may have heard Funchess' impressively forceful vocals on songs by TV on the Radio and !!! (chk chk chk) and Telepathe perhaps?

Light Asylum songs, while definitely accessible and definitely poppy, also have a haunting goth wave type of vibe to them. Think The Knife meets Eurhythmics meets Cold Cave maybe. This is music you want to put on when you want to be up to no good. Or, perhaps just when you want to lose yourself at the club. Either way, this isn't the kind of electro that's bright, airy, and breezy. It's murky, confining and dank... but in that epic way.

Now I know what you're thinking, how can epic be confining? Isn't that an oxymoron of sorts? Well, we answer your question with two new questions; why aren't you running out to buy Light Asylum's new album (it's amazing!) and why aren't you rushing to buy tickets to see them play? Good. That distracted you from your logic. Light Asylum. Think awesome. Think epic. And now stop thinking. And just start feeling.

Light Asylum play The Echo (Echoplex), on Tuesday, May 15th.


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