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Gap Dream - it's like Cloud Nothings meets Girls....but not.

August 6, 2012
Hey now! Here's some good lo-fi bedroom scuzz-pop that hits you with just the right amount of pleasant psych-surf haze, leaving you feeling contentedly chill. Can never have too much contentment or chill in your musical life, right?

Gap Dream is the project of Gabriel Fulvimar. He's from Cleveland. You know who else is from Cleveland? Cloud Nothings. Maybe there's a scene situation brewing in that city that's going to go global. That would be nice for that Cleveland. They need something since the Whore from Akron left them.

Anyway, consider Gap Dream as a cross between something like Woods and Ducktails and Thee Oh Sees. And then reconsider that. Because I'm not sure that's right. What is very right are Gap Dream's slow groovy jams; they'll make you want to tune in turn out drop out... or at the very least, just spend the $10 to see them play.

Gap Dream recently released a debut on Burger Records, but if you're a fan of most of the Captured Tracks roster (or Underwater Peoples, for that matter), I can definitely see you being into Gap Dream. It's the same kind of sitch.

Gap Dream plays Alex's Bar, on Thursday, August 9th, and at The Smell, on Friday, August 10th.


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