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Allah-Las - the new old old new...or something.

October 8, 2012
LA's Allah-Las play '60s inspired pop that's equal parts surf + the American band's response to the British Band Invasion + garage + sunny psyche. These easy jams are breezy and chill and have some good guitar jingle-jangle that makes everything seem nice and right and fine (not sure why I just turned into Hemingway there - sorry).

This band of Amoeba Records workers (that's where they met - awwww) makes me want to have a twisting party in the sand with a young Annette Funicello in her teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini before heading out to the waves and riding whatever happens to come my way. These are completely likable songs. For sure.

But there's nothing really all that new going on here with the Allah-Las. Everything I hear is old. You'll hear that, too. So if new is what you want, better look elsewhere. But I think I'll stick around. I'm into the carefree idealistic notions of these four seaside beatniks who think they can bring back the same sound of 50 years ago and present it to new eyes and ears in a fresh way. They just might do it.

And besides, I've been a little tired of my old Nuggets box set anyway. So sure, I’'l roll along with the Allah-Las. Out with the old and in with the old, that's what I always say.

Allah-Las play the El Rey, on Sunday, October 21st.


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