Oh My Rockness Presents JAPANDROIDS & BLEACHED at The Fonda on 11/8!

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Oh My Rockness Presents JAPANDROIDS & BLEACHED at The Fonda on 11/8!

November 7, 2012
We're super excited to present JAPANDROIDS and BLEACHED at The Fonda tomorrow night, Thursday, November 8th! Come by our table to say hi and get one of our pin & earplug packs!



Vancouver's Japandroids are a rowdy duo with good intentions - to rock you out. Consisting of Brian King and David Prowse, they do it all dirty in the garage. And sometimes, they'll throw in some pretty melodies just to remind you there is still songwriting at work here.

If all you really need to make the whole underground sing are riffs buried in crunch and a couple of broken microphones, then these two will be the next anointed Kings of the illegal loft-dwelling generation. With only a guitar and one drum set (they both sing... somewhat), they make the music pop with loudness.


Bleached is the bright and energetic duo of sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin. You might know them from that really good band Mika Miko. As Bleached, the Clavins crank out the short and quick classic punk rock riffs of yesteryear (with a little bit of sunny surf buried down deep in there to keep things sounding 'happy punk' instead of 'I'm a heroin addict and angry and utterly utterly alone' punk).

So to get a grasp of what this band's sound is all about imagine if Max's Kansas City was in Southern California instead of NYC and Bleached played there for free to a crowd drunk on free booze every Thursday night. You'd also have to imagine a time machine to imagine all that, I suppose. Hell, stop imagining and start listening. You'll see what I mean.


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