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Parquet Courts - let's do this - let's describe this.

December 17, 2012
NYC's Parquet Courts is a good (relatively) new band fronted by Andrew Savage (who also does Fergus & Geronimo - a very nice band in their own rate). His brother Max and a couple of other dudes are in this band too. Isn't this fascinating musical information so far? Maybe I should tell you what their favorite colors and spirit animals are, as well? Or, I can just tell you what they sound like. Yeah. I can do that now.

Parquet Courts are a jingle jangle guitar bands that make you want to bounce up and down. Not jump. Just bounce. Because that's what happens when you listen to lo-fi punk ditties like this. You bounce along... pleasantly. So if you listen to Parquet Courts long enough - I guess you'll develop some really nice calf muscles. And calf muscles are the new biceps, don't you know.

But back on track - think if Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth was playing surf-rock in NYC in 1977. That's what Parquet Courts sound like. You can listen to some of their jams below. Actually, you probably already are.

So two questions: 1.) Parquet Courts are good, right? And 2.) How did I do with that whole Lee Ranaldo surf-rock NYC 1977 thing? I kind of nailed it, right? Right? Hello? Guys? Hello?

Parquet Courts play The Echo, on Wednesday, June 5th.


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