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Sinkane sets it adrift.

February 25, 2013
Brooklyn's Ahmed Gallab is Sinkane. You may know him for his multi-instrumental work in Yeasayer or Of Montreal or Caribou or a bunch of other good bands (he's a talented, in-demand dude).

Or, by this point, you may just know him as Sinkane. Because Sinkane has been making super solid jazzy-psych-pop for a wonderful while now.

This guy's music goes all over the map - that's one of the reasons I like him. But if I HAD to say (I don't have to say, really... but I'm going to say anyway), I'd say that Sinkane's songs are groovy, tripped-out electro-ish jams that will set you adrift on memory bliss. That's what I'd say.

I'd also say you should get into this. Get born into this. Feel this. Feel the pulsing, relaxing heat of these meditative meanderings in CosmicLand - a most magical place where the blue grass is cashmere, giant lollipops replace the trees, the clouds forever look like the hand of the gods, and the national anthem is John Coltrane's "Ascension" album. In other words, this is super chill music, guys. Super. Chill.

Sinkane opens for Toro y Moi, at The Fonda, on Sunday, March 3rd, and plays a FREE show at Bardot, on Monday, March 4th.


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