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Shannon and the Clams = a good time.

May 18, 2013
San Francisco’s Shannon and the Clams are vocalist/bassist Shannon Shaw (she was one of Hunx’s punks) and vocalist/bassist Cody Blanchard and drummer/bassist Ian Amberson (ok, he’s not a bassist too - just drums, man - just drums). Together, the trio make something like surf-soul-doo-wop-garage-punk.

Don’t roll your eyes at me. Chill. I didn’t say this WAS surf-soul-doo-wop-garage-punk. Obviously that would be a ridiculous made-up musical genre...and an abuse of hyphens...and would be like throwing a bunch of historical sound descriptors against the wall and hoping one of them sticks...before slowly sliding down to rest in a pile of its own filth. I would never resort to such tricks. That’s why I said it was LIKE surf-soul-doo-wop-garage-punk. What it IS is pop music.

I’ll tell you what else this is. Shannon and the Clams is a good time. This is like a sloppy 1960s sock hop - the kind crammed with slipshod punks and pranksters - who could be menacing - but could also dance like a dream. Wait. Maybe I’m just thinking of “Grease.” No. Wait. Maybe I’m thinking of “Grease 2.” Man, I always do that. Maybe it’s because it’s the exact same rags-to-coolness story except the genders are reversed. Cool times, producer bros.

Shannon and the Clams have a new album coming out on Hardly Art (Black Marble + Seapony + Woven Bones + lots more good bands). It’ll be good. They’re also currently touring with Ty Segall’s bb, Mikal Cronin. He’s good too. So I guess the action is hot hot HOT for these guys. It was only a matter of time before a surf-soul-doo-wop-garage-punk craze swept the nation. I’ve been predicting it for years.

Shannon and the Clams play The Glass House, on Thursday, May 30th, and The Echo, on Saturday, June 1st, and The Observatory, on Sunday, June 2nd.


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