Fletcher C. Johnson is comin' for you, Tom Petty. He's comin' easy. But he's a-comin.' - Oh My Rockness

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Fletcher C. Johnson is comin' for you, Tom Petty. He's comin' easy. But he's a-comin.'

June 3, 2013
Fletcher C. Johnson was in King Tuff with his pal Kyle Thomas. He’s not anymore. He’s off doing his own thing under his own name in Brooklyn now. Good for him. Bad for King Tuff. But not really. King Tuff still rules without him. So we’re all winners here. Except me. Not sure what I’ve done within this scenario.

This dude comes at you fun and easy. He’s dishing out mellow insights that only chilled out guitar solos and twangy stoner melodies straight from the late 1970s can bring. His jams remind me of the era when Tom Petty & the Heartbreaker’s "Don't Do Me Like That" was every stoner’s favorite jam (probably - if those old stoners had good taste - i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they did).

By the way, that Tom Petty song came out in 1979. I looked it up. On the internet.

Anyway, this music put me in a better mood. I don’t know why, exactly. Sometimes Fletcher is singing about how he doesn't get the girl. Sometimes he has some issues with love and the lack thereof. You know that whole dang thing. But even with the longing and regret and heartbreak, it’s still pretty upbeat. Maybe it’s because he seems so resigned about everything as he sings. And being resigned is pretty close to being alright. Maybe he thinks as long as he’s got a cooler of beer on ice down there on the floorboard of his truck things ain’t so bad. Or, maybe it’s because the guitars are bright. And they jingle. And jangle. Yeah. Maybe that’s it.

So yeah. If you like happiness I suggest you check out Fletcher C. Johnson.

(And he should tour with Jaill.)

Fletcher C. Johnson plays a FREE show at The Satellite, on Saturday, June 8th.


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