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Speedy Ortiz - good guitar rock - remember that?

July 22, 2013
Northampton's Speedy Ortiz is a good 'back-to-the-indie-rock-basics' guitar band that reminds me of Sebadoh. You can also throw in early Stevie Malkmus and Polvo. And maybe Chavez and all those bands that immediately followed Louisville's Slint too (because sometimes Speedy Ortiz does that angular, guitar bending thing). Remember that scene? Of course you do.

Speedy Ortiz make well-written, slightly grungy guitar-pop songs that rock with a touch of whimsy (see song titles: "Curling" + "Suck Buddies" + "Taylor Swift"). And it all comes from the mind of frontwoman Sadie Dupuis. She was in the band Quilty. She also studies poetry at UMASS. I'm not sure why that matters. Just thought you’d like to know.

So anyway, Speedy Ortiz sounds like the indie rock you knew circa 1994 (might have been the best year for music in my lifetime?). That was the year bands just sort of went for the rock. Anyway, enough with the words. Listen to Speedy Ortiz's "Sports" EP we embedded below. You'll get why it's good.

And if you don't, well, you probably didn't get it in 1994 either. That's not your fault if you were, like, 2-years-old in 1994. But if you were older than 2 and you didn't like Sebadoh and Pavement etc... that IS your fault. I don't care if you were just barely over the cut-off line, either. You should have been a more discerning 3-year-old.

Speedy Ortiz plays Bootleg, on Friday, July 26th and Origami Vinyl (free!) on Saturday, July 27th.


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