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Mrs. Magician - let's talk about their goodness. Cool? Cool.

October 28, 2013
San Diego’s Mrs. Magician plays fuzzy, doo-wop, multi-part harmony pop that’s also punk enough to get them signed by Swami. You know, that excellent label run by John Reis of Drive Like Rocket from the Hot Marchers. Yeah. You Know. Warning: this band is pretty addictive. (I don’t know why you need to be warned before liking a good band. It just sounded right?)

Now with Mrs. Magician being from San Diego, and your knowing a thing or two about geography and how it shapes artistic trends, you may want to ask, "Is there also a little bit of that beach sound going on here?" And I'd tell you, "There's more to San Diego than the beach, bub. There's also fish. And tacos. And fish tacos." And then I'd go on to say, "And yes. There is a little bit of the beach going on with Mrs. Magician's sound too."

(And then we'd probably end up chit-chatting some more, maybe about the legacy of The Beatles vs. The Beach Boys, or we'll get into one of our typical debates about ideas, like if it's always a perfect day outside how can that day truly be called perfect when you don't have the contrast to make the perfection possible? You know how we get when we get going. When we get going, whew! Look out now. Hide the milk. Hide the cookies.)

Here's another thing about this band. This band knows how to write a song that makes a man and a lady wanna sing along (separately or as a duet - either one). It's true. Listen to their song, "There's No God." I "embedded it" (that's super insider Internet 2.0 speak for "copying" and "pasting") right below these words. That's a good singable song, no matter your religion or your way, right? Right. And good news. There's a lot more where that came from. All of Mrs. Magician's quick, two-minute songs are singable like that one.

Last and certainly not least, how about those nice harmonies? They must be fans of The Beach Boys who perfected it I mean The Beatles who invented it I mean..... no, let's not start with this again. I'm happy to continue talking with you. But let's talk about something less intense. Like if there's a God or not.

Mrs. Magician opens for Cymbals Eat Guitars, at The Satellite, on Tuesday, November 5th.


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