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Swearin' - they used to call this college rock.

November 24, 2013
Swearin’ is a band of four led by dueling singer/guitarists, Kyle Gilbride and Allison Crutchfield (her twin sister Katie is Waxahatchee). Together with drummer Jeff Bolt and bassist Keith Spencer, they make good old college rock. Remember when they used to call it that? I do :( I also remember when emoticons weren’t such a thing but that’s a conversation for another time - another place.

If you don't remember, college rock was made somewhere circa 1991-1998 (let's be loose with the facts and data, friends). It was made probably in Chicago. Or Seattle. Or Louisville. Or North Carolina. Other places too. I'm not going to name all the places. College rock had lots of good guitars that made fuzzy, distorted riffs. It was catchy but still "rocked out." Almost impossibly, no synthesizers or keyboards were used to make college rock. Amazing. College rock beats came from these things called "drums" too. The crazy kids in college loved the stuff.

So yeah, Swearin' taps into an old thing that's a really good thing.

The band can be compared (if you want) to college rock legends like Superchunk and Archers of Loaf and Guided by Voices and that first Liz Phair album and all those other dudes I used to listen to when I was procrastinating from turning in a report on something so important I can’t even remember what it was anymore (probably a paper on something like ‘Buddhism and The Matrix’). Swearin’ also reminds me of Speedy Ortiz - a new band I also like.

I’m predisposed to like something like Swearin’. It’s from back in my day. Even though the music is made today. And my day is still going. But no matter your age or whatever step you are on your life’s journey, I can tell you this. You just might be predisposed to like something like Swearin’ too. Because all of us are predisposed to like good things. Right? I think that's what I was taught in college, anyway. But I wasn't really paying attention.

Swearin' and Waxahatchee play The Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, on Thursday, December 5th..


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