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Blood Brothers, Celebration and Mika Miko like it loud.

April 11, 2007
This is one hell of a line-up. Behold, three bands all their loud glory. Get your Earloves in for this one.

Headlining this triple-thrash bill is Seattle's Blood Brothers, who as you know, simply freak the hell out. Like dueling gun shots, vocalists Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney spew such angst-filled, warbled-punk rock shouts back and forth that it's a wonder their vocal cords aren't ripped to shreds after one of their mind-blowing, sweat-inducing live shows.

Bone-crunching guitars and an all out drum attack propel The Blood Brothers into the category of "too big for the stereo speakers." Bring some spare Ricola for these spazzy guys suck on and spit out. They'll need 'em.

Also playing is Celebration, a dynamic three-piece from Baltimore (by way of Brooklyn). Their debut self-titled album for 4AD features guest appearances on several tracks by their friends, TV on the Radio. Co-founder Sean Antanaitis plays all the music for this band except the drums (that would be David Bergander's duty).

What you get with Celebration a thrilling balancing act of organs, electric keyboards, Moog bass pedals, and something called the guitorgan, an electric guitar hand-modified to produce sound through an analogue organ tone. Antanaitis plays all of these not just in the studio (hell, even Dave Grohl can do that) but on stage as well. It is a sight to behold. Katrina Ford handles vocal duties with a passionate, guttural ferocity.

Opening is L.A.'s all-female five piece, Mika Miko. This band plays aggressive new wave pre-punk rock that is influenced by Bad Brains, Red Cross and Black Flag, and is obviously inspired by the riot grrrl movement. Their debut album, C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. on Kill Rock Stars is raw, snotty, and entirely in-your face. It also sounds like it was recorded in a basement bathroom stall. But the D.I.Y. ethos is a large part of Mika Miko's charm.

Their bombastic live shows are also serving to further their cult following in California and beyond; their concerts have been described as "pony thrash." Not sure what that means, but it sure sounds cool. If you like it rough, check out Mika Miko.

It's definitely time to get noisy.

Blood Brothers, Celebration and Mika Miko play The Glass House, on Sunday, April 22nd.


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