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The Books create wonder collages.

April 18, 2007
What do you get when you mix banjos, cellos, and violins with thousands of samples that document every sound from the mundane to the sublime? Only one of the most heralded plugged-in experimental pop bands of the last couple years.

With minimalist rhythms taking their time before exploding into a wonderful collage of lovely melodies and complex dissonance, The Books are probably unlike any other band you think they sound like. They're not electro, they're not chamber pop, they're not folk, and they certainly are not simply post-rock.

Their M.O. is taking common sounds, like carefree, banal conversations, and turning them into the centerpiece of an orchestral splendor. The Books are equal part goofy and inspiring, a fun listen and a rewarding one.

The Books play Malibu Performing Arts Center, on Sunday, April 22nd.


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