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Everyone Loves an Experimental Electro Canadian Collective.

April 24, 2007
Maybe you haven't heard of these guys yet because their emails keep going directly to your spam folder, but it's time you're made aware that Holy Fuck (sorry, mom) rules! This experimental electro collective from Toronto creates dramatic instrumental music big on beats that sounds like a more hip-hop version of M83 or an even stranger Battles.

Holy Fuck's self-proclaimed goal is to make modern electronic music without using laptops or any other programmed devices. So instead, they go for that futuristic sound using the old-fashioned staples, like guitars, bass, drums and... ok, this one is kind of newfangled... Casio keyboards.

The result is an energetic excursion into sonic exploration. Be sure to grab their danceable debut EP.

Holy Fuck play El Rey Theatre, on Monday, April 30th.


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