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Don't slip and miss Melt Banana.

May 9, 2007
Before there was Lightning Bolt, there was Japanese thrash-core-metal-math-monsters, Melt Banana. And hot damn, I love this band. It's easy to be a noise band -- you just make noise. And likewise, it's easy to be a groove band -- you just strum and strum and strum. But only a chosen few can be a noise-groove band, and Japan's Melt Banana does it better than anybody.

This is fully-charged, intense shit. And it's listenable as hell. Yasuko O.'s piercing vocals and guitarist Agata's mind-blowing barrage of riffs is somehow as easy on the ears as a Sunday morning. When the guitars are plugged in and the amps turn on, these guys start war. It's the most pleasant battle a sonic assault can be. Their frantic rhythms are so precise it's ridiculous. And with songs that usually only last 90 seconds, the blitz is over before you even realize you've been hit. I can't wait for this show. These deadly grooves got me hooked.

Melt Banana plays Friday, May 18th at Troubadour, and Saturday, May 19th at The Glass House.


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