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Remembering Arcade Fire.

May 23, 2007
After a particularly cantankerous backgammon game one recent evening, a High Life-fueled discussion ensued about the legacy of the bands we currently love to listen to. The question was posed that of all the bands we're into these days, how many, if any, would actually be remembered in twenty or thirty years. Would any current band illicit a "wow" from the future generation when we one day boast that we saw them play live?

We came up with a shortlist of band nominees and found excuses to remove pretty much all of them. One of the two artists that made our final cut was none other than Arcade Fire, who just so happens to be playing two shows at The Greek Theater this week. Of course, we made a clear caveat that Arcade Fire would have to make more than just one amazing album and probably more than two, in order to really secure their spot in musical immortality. But we think they can do it.

If Arcade Fire keeps it up, history and our children will have no problem remembering them with wonder. Here's hoping they do it, purely for selfish purposes. It will give us much needed middle-age coolness points to tell teenagers in 2037 that we once saw their pop grandeur on display at tiny Arlene's Grocery in NYC. And when they ask, "What was it like to see them when they were just starting out?" we can say with no uncertainty, "It ruled." And then they'll laugh because everyone knows that no one says "rule" anymore.

Oh, and just in case you're curious, the other artist that made our shortlist was Sufjan Stevens. That's pretty much a guarantee.

Arcade Fire play two nights at The Greek Theatre on Tuesday, May 29th, and Wednesday, May 30th.


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