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Hot Chip rock the sweet electro-pop.

June 6, 2007
We really love Hot Chip, and apparently we're not alone. Their laid-back electro-pop has landed them in the coveted position as a band that crosses genders; both dudes and girls dig them. And that's a recipe for superstardom (just ask Ben Gibbard on his morning stroll to the bank). When we last saw them play, the place was packed.

This U.K. group is entirely pleasant. You sort of feel a subtle stoneage when listening to them. You slightly smile, bob your head leisurely, and tap your toes as if you didn't have a care in the world and were living smack dab in the middle of your halcyon years. And the best thing about this band is that though they may be chill, they are definitely not boring.

Their sweet synths are spunky, their beats are bracing, and their leisurely harmonies are somehow stimulating. They really know how to write a hit too. Tell me "Boys From School" and "Over and Over" (both on their latest album, The Warning) can't be international club/radio hits and my secret belief that you were always an alien will be undoubtedly proven.

Seeing them live is pretty much the same experience as listening to them on vinyl and disc. You still tap your feet and bob your head, but you do it with a few hundred other people and at a greater rate of velocity. Its almost as if youre dancing.

Hot Chip play Henry Fonda Theater, on Wednesday, June 13th.


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