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Rob Crow: King of Eccentro-Pop.

June 11, 2007
You know Rob Crow, a.k.a. King of Eccentro-Pop. If you've ever listened to an indie band, he was probably somehow involved... at least that's the way it seems. To call the Pinback / Thingy / Heavy Vegetable / The Ladies / Goblin Cock and sometimes solo guy "prolific" is like saying Manhattan is "expensive." Only Zach Hill of Hella is remotely close to matching the volume of Crow's creative output.

Rob Crow's latest solo offering is called Living Well, and it's his first for Temporary Residence (Explosions in the Sky, Tarentel). His songs are a little mellower these days, but they still have plenty of those quirky hooks that made all those Pinback shows sell out so quickly.

Be sure to check this show out before Rob Crow moves on to his next project that probably won't be called "Rob Crow."

Rob Crow plays The Echo, on Friday, June 22nd.


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