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Gallows shred.

June 11, 2007
Yes! Where the hell has this band been all my life? Oh, that's right, England. I just recently came across these guys and upon my very first listen I knew that there was still plenty of hope for the state of punk rock.

I could've sworn from their sound that Gallows were from San Diego (they sound very similar to Drive Like Hot Snakes Crypt) but strangely they're from London. But boy, do they sure scream and riff and straight up ROCK out like they're from that mighty southern California scene.

These five Brits have potential to take over the world with their insanely catchy spazz-pop-thrash. If you like hard music meant for guitars and vocal wails, you'll love Gallows. They may be my new favorite band.

Gallows play The Riveria, on Thursday, June 28th.


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