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Feist and Grizzly Bear get inside your dreams.

June 11, 2007
Two critically acclaimed bands join forces to play The Wiltern together. Feist and Grizzly Bear will be one of the better shows you can hope to see this summer. Sultry does magical.

Now, normally we aren't fans of one-name artists, but what can you do. Feist is that seductive voice you heard on Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People. Besides playing with that big-ass band, she's also collaborated with (former roommate) Peaches, Apostle of Hustle, and the similarly slow and sultry Kings of Convenience.

As a solo artist, Feist produces cinematic-sounding songs from minimal pop arrangements. It's her voice, of course, that's the mood-setting centerpiece. There's just something about those pipes that get the girls and guys all frisky. Maybe that's the real secret to her sold out shows... guaranteed s-e-x. This is warm music for those who love to feel lovely.

Also playing is Brooklyn's Grizzly Bear (comprising mainly Ed Droste and Christopher Bear... his real last name). This entirely engaging band has been likened to the wonderful folk wackiness and child-like wonder of Animal Collective. Grizzly Bear gathers an eclectic collection of disjointed -- oftentimes creepy -- sounds and couples them with lush, layered vocals that have been driving the critics crazy with delight.

Fans of both Sufjan Stevens' mellow, melodic voice and The Unicorns' weirdo rock should be into Grizzly Bear. They play the soundtrack to your wackiest dreams. You know, the kind of dreams where you wake up and go, "How the hell was that in my head?" Grizzly Bear makes music for those disturbing and invigorating waking moments.

Feist and Grizzly Bear play The Wiltern, on Friday, June 29th.


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