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The Decemberists and Band of Horses are kinda big.

June 25, 2007
If you like "big" shows, then The Decemberists and Band of Horses playing the Hollywood Bowl would certainly fall into that category. You're not going to get cozy and intimate at this one. Instead, be in the mood to hear grand, soaring and epic (at least when The Decemberists take the stage) with several thousand others who will all surely singing along.

By know the whole world seems to know about Colin Meloy and his motley band of gypsy pals. Over the last few years, The Decemberists have transformed themselves from beloved little indie band on tiny Kill Rock Stars, to beloved commercial sensation band on mammoth Capitol Records. I'll admit, it's pretty darn impressive to make "P.H.D. Pop" appeal to such a wide audience.

Meloy's literary and highly theatrical tales of vagabonds, outcastes and society's destitute somehow managed to strike a chord with all different types of music listeners. This was only supposed to be for nerds and Mountain Goats fans, not teenagers in the throws of "prama" (see: New York Times).

But I guess The Decemberists' success isn't that surprising. Meloy has a very nice (if nasally) pop voice and his songs are certainly catchy. There's all sorts of climaxes and choruses to be found in the Decemberists' repertoire. I just didn't know pirate music would be so hip.

To complete the "grandness" of it all, the LA Philharmonic are lending their talents to The Decemberists' set. I hear their sound is very "orchestral."

Also playing is Band of Horses. They are another small band that is slowly becoming huge. They're probably one step away from The Shins popularity territory (their Sub Pop label mates), and that's only because Zach Braff hasn't made a new movie yet. Band of Horses play somewhat countrified pop that sounds like My Morning Jacket meets a less wacky Flaming Lips. Their album Everything All the Time, was in my top 3 for favorite records of 2006. It's just so pleasant in that completely melancholic sort of way. If you like guitar pop with a slight twang, you'll love these guys.

Chicago's string-rocker Andrew Bird is opening this show. He's really into the violin.

The Decemberists and Band of Horses play The Hollywood Bowl, on Saturday, July 7th.


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