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The Bronx and Qui make it loud.

July 30, 2007
Get ready for thunder! The Bronx and Qui open for The Locust on Saturday, August 4th at The Echo (EX_PLX). Boom, for real!

L.A.'s The Bronx are bombers. Formed in 2002, these four heavy hitters found their way to a major record label deal via Island (the vinyl version of their latest s/t album is on Swami) after only a handful of live shows. Obviously, these guys are something to behold on stage, which is good because their sound on record sounds way too polished. Their intensity is buried under mixing and mastering.

But when these guys can let it rip raw on stage without the benefit of an engineer, they can blast with the best of them. Not too long ago, we saw them open for Mastodon and they scared the shit out of us! This band will appeal to fans of Hot Snakes, Queens of the Stone Age, and Barkmarket (if anyone remembers them).

Also playing this show is L.A.'s Qui, a powerful band featuring the vocal talents of David Yow from The Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid fame. The group (of two) has been around since 2000, but Yow only came on in 2006 to make it a trio. With his name attached, you just know Qui isn't for the softies.

This is heavy, sludgy, guttural stuff with those deep, distorted and well-placed guitar tones that remind you of the Steve Albini school of kicking ass. Or the Melvins. You can consider Qui's songs as mostly minimalistic. There's only a guitarist, a drummer and Yow, so there's not a whole lot of layering going on.

Their riffs and thumps and wails take their time getting to the punch. But punch they do. Yow's album debut with Qui will be released be Mike Patton's (ex-Faith No More) Ipecac Recordings. Rock it.

Stick around for the insane exploits of The Locust!

The Bronx and Qui open for The Locust at The Echo (EX_PLX), on Saturday, August 4th.


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