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Simian Mobile Disco: from studio to the stage!

September 17, 2007
It's no secret that electro-dance doesn't always translate well to the stage, especially when there are no traditional instruments involved. It's not exactly awesome to see some dudes knob-twiddling over machines with their heads down, even if the music being pumped out includes massively loud beats and soaring glitchy-clicky solos. In these boring stage cases, you're probably better off throwing a party and playing an electro record at full-blast in a room full of your friends than actually seeing it live. It's the same difference, after all.

But seeing Simian Mobile Disco live is different from listening to them on disc (even though their latest, Attack Decay Sustain Release is one amazing record and one of my favorites of 2007). Sure, the two guys will come to the The Echo on Saturday armed with their laptops... they are their bread-and-butter after all. But they will also bring a performer's swagger, absolutely limitless energy, and probably the most insane light-show you will see this year.

The duo bounds relentlessly all over the stage, switching up on each other's machines and synths like a WWE tag team, minus the fakery. And when they do knob-twiddle, they certainly don't do it standing still. In other words, Simian Mobile Disco put on one hell of a good show. We heard several "that was one of the best shows I've seen" comments after their Studio B show earlier this summer.

Simian Mobile Disco must have sold their souls to the devil, because there's no way they could create these sinfully addictive beats and hooks on their own. The duo, formerly known just as Simian, is quite simply the reigning kings of the UK dance underground. Back in the Simian days, they made their mark primarily with their electrically insane remixes of songs from bands like Klaxons, The Rapture and The Go! Team. But since taking their studio show to the stage, their fame as performers has far superseded any of their prior remix work.

I'm telling you, these guys have tapped into something supernatural. I'm no dancer, but every time I hear their impossibly catchy hit, "Hustler," I'm ready to challenge anyone to a one-off tap-off, Cliff Huxtable style. Why? Well, because that's what my daddy's made me.

Though this is electro-dance, Simian Mobile Disco's music not only translates well to the stage; it almost transcends the stage. This show will do everything to you but bore you. Believe it.

Be sure to come early for those super NYC spinners, JDH and Dave P!

Simian Mobile Disco play The Echo, on Saturday, September 22nd.


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