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White Wililams plays carefree machine-made jams.

September 17, 2007
White Williams is the plugged-in pop project of Cleveland's Joe Williams. Double W's happy synths, good-natured bass thumps, and blissful laptop beats have been gaining steady acclaim, especially after he played a bunch of dates with his like-minded gadget peers, Girl Talk and Dan Deacon.

His peaceful, up-tempo jams remind me of Hawaiian surf songs meets Hot Chip (especially Williams' carefree tenor). There's a breezy quality to these machine-made sounds that make you feel well on your way towards becoming relaxed. Maybe you could call White Williams' "hammock-rock." He recently signed to the experimental-electric label Tigerbeat6 which will definitely help spread the word to those looking to get laid-back.

White Williams plays The Echo, on Sunday, January 27th.


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