Dappled Cities makes me wish I could sing better. - Oh My Rockness

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Dappled Cities makes me wish I could sing better.

October 9, 2007
Dappled Cities are a hyper-melodic band originally from Australia that, until recently, were known as Dappled Cities Fly. Maybe they decided to drop the "Fly" after the forever-long flight it took to relocate from Sydney to the USA (they just moved here in 2007). They've been together for ten years, but these five guys are still only in their mid-20s, so technically they could have formed this band in gym class.

Dappled Cities play uplifting indie-pop that sounds a little like The Magnetic Fields meets a less crazy Flaming Lips. Their domestic debut was recently released on Dangerbird Records (Silversun Pickups, Sea Wolf), and the band has recently toured with The Shins, Tokyo Police Club and Besnard Lakes. They write good songs.

Dappled Cities play Spaceland, on Tuesday, October 16th.


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