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New Young Pony Club: party music

October 23, 2007
New Young Pony Club are at the forefront of the neon-new-rave-electro London party punk scene. The three girls and two guys who make up this fashionably-dressed band make music that you want to dance to, not necessarily think to. So what if New Young Pony Club's musical pond doesn't run too deep (they have a song called "Ice Cream" and a song called "The Bomb," after all), it's still awful fun to splash around in these shallow waters.

Their songs are just enjoyable synth-y stuff that is part Blondie, part The Killers, part Pretty Girls and part Klaxons. New Young Pony Club's album is out now on Modular Records.

If you've ever been amazed at how your jelly bracelets glow so luminously under blacklight in a club's bathroom stall, New Young Pony Club is the band for you.

New Young Pony Club play The Echo, on Tuesday, October 30th.


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