Abe Vigoda are such chipper punks. - Oh My Rockness

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Abe Vigoda are such chipper punks.

October 30, 2007
Chino, California's Abe Vigoda play wonderfully quirky guitar rock that sounds like the clean jingle-jangle of bands like cause co-MOTION! and Tyvek meets the slight psych-ness of Oneida meets the tropical/world beats of Talking Heads. And it's all played at a break-neck speed. Phew!

The energetic foursome that make up Abe Vigoda come armed with limitless energy as they bash away at these delightfully chipper songs that come complete with crazy math-rock time signatures to keep you on your toes. You have to really focus to keep up with the fun. Consider Abe Vigoda all-over-the-place spazzy but in a wholesome sort of way. It's renegade loft-party music.

Abe Vigoda play The Smell, on Saturday, November 3rd, and again at The Smell, on Friday, November 16th.


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