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Get better earplugs for Jesu and These Arms Are Snakes.

October 30, 2007
The Jesu/These Arms Are Snakes show would be a good time to upgrade to those Earlove earplugs. It's time for your ears to say, "foam no more!" Because if you're not properly protected on this night, then this rock is going to hurt.

England's Justin K. Broadrick is the main visionary behind the dark drone-experimental psych-ROCK band Jesu. He also used to be the Godflesh guy (1990-2003), a pioneering industrial band that paved the way for better known acts like Ministry and Nine Inch Nails. His new band, Jesu, is a thunderous trio that perfectly executes dynamics in song. Their sound is an epic, layered journey through steady sonic build-ups that often leads to an explosion of distorted noise.

Speaking of noise and speaking of Hydra Head Records (Pelican), Aaron Turner sure was right to sign these guys, as they fit perfectly with his label's sound. And Jesu definitely delivered the goods with the release of their self-titled full-length back in 2005. It was on many critics "Best Of" lists. There's something both scary and sweet about the atmospheres these guys create. One thing is for sure, this rocks hard.

Opening is the just-as-noisy These Arms Are Snakes. Featuring members of Botch and Kill Sadie, this Seattle energetic post-hardcore band play super fast, super loud, and use a whole lot of distortion. They fit in nicely with some of their most recent touring partners: The Blood Brothers, Hot Water Music, and Against Me.

These Arms Are Snakes combine the best elements of ferocious hardcore with an experimental side. This, in additon to lyrics attempting profundity, makes for a more complex listen than someone simply screaming at you for thirty minutes. The guitar is their primary weapon of choice; they will lash into a metal-heavy hook that can't be listened to without Grade A earplugs.

Jesu and These Arms Are Snakes play The Echo (Echoplex), on Friday, November 9th.


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