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AIDS Wolf: awesome or awful?

November 6, 2007
Montreal's AIDS Wolf isn't for everybody. In fact, their "music" is sometimes so harsh and grating, it feels like it was made for nobody (except for the freest of the free spirits, i.e. crazy people). So call us nuts, because though this is some seriously challenging stuff, AIDS Wolf's deranged rock-outs are also oddly beautiful. These Canadians squeal, bang and clang to construct a befuddled and muddled cornucopia of noise-core sounds. If you listen to the sonic hijinx of these three guys and one girl in small doses, they're fascinating. Large doses, well, that's just asking for a migraine.

AIDS Wolf is currently on tour (as of October '07) with the similarly insane band Old Time Relijun. Check out their recent record, Lovvers LP, on Lovepump United (home of Genghis Tron!). Dragging a knife across a chalkboard has nothing on these dudes. And you'd expect nothing less from a band that calls itself AIDS Wolf.

AIDS Wolf play The Smell, on Friday, November 16th.


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