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Los Campesinos! sells happiness.

November 19, 2007
Los Campesinos! are seven young guns (four guys and three girls) from the U.K. that play unquestionably "fun" music that's full of resoundingly happy choruses. This is a group that just gives off a feeling of general delight. It's indie-pop with a little mischievous punk thrown in to keep the cheese factor at bay.

Los Campesinos! brings tons of guitars, strings, horns, chimes, keys and a glockenspiel (of course!) to the party, and they can be compared to The Go! Team meets The Unicorns meets Architecture in Helsinki meets the good humor of Art Brut.

If you go to their show, you'll most certainly leave grinning. And by writing songs accessible to pretty much all, Los Campesinos are most assuredly going to be smiling themselves... all the way to the bank.

Los Campesinos! play The Echo, on Tuesday, November 27th.


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