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Jeremy Enigk returns to sing solo songs and Sunny Day.

January 8, 2008
We recently saw Jeremy Enigk play and boy did he crank out the hits! Not only did he play songs off his recent solo album "World Waits" (and the subsequent EP "The Missing Link"), but he also performed a slew of old Sunny Day Real Estate jams (even from "Diary!"). At that show, he didn't have a backing band. It was just him singing "In Circles" with a strange acoustic guitar accompaniment. And it was awesome.

Oh Jeremy, what a long, strange and wonderful career you've had. By the way, are you even 30 yet? In your young life you pretty much invented emo with your band, Sunny Day Release Estate (weren't you like 19 when the classic Diary came out?), you made Sub Pop good again, you found God and decided to break up the band (which somehow morphed into the Foo Fighters), you put out a weird solo album about frogs, then reformed the band minus Team Foo, you put out two more albums, broke up the band again, scored a movie soundtrack, and now finally, have another solo album that is not about frogs at all and is quite good. Phew!

Who knows what tricks Enigk will be up to next? You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

Jeremy Enigk plays Troubadour, on Sunday, January 20th.


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