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No Age freaks out with Liars.

February 12, 2008
You may be going to the El Rey on Friday, February 22nd to get deceived so good by the Liars, but be sure to come early to see No Age rock you too.

Los Angeles' lo-fi-garage-noise duo No Age has been compared to everyone from Lightning Bolt to Deerhunter to Built to Spill. And you can throw in some of the rudimentary recording elements of The Ramones into the mix, too.

This exceptional band is comprised of Dean Spunt and Randy Randall, both formerly of the LA beloved punk band, Wives. These two guys throw out all sorts of musical fastballs, curves and changes from the stage.

Sometimes No Age engage in full-on rock freak-outs (Lightning Bolt), and at other times they get a little spacey, slow and hazy (Deerhunter). They also employ melodic guitar solos throughout (Built to Spill). There's no predictability here, other than a definite D.I.Y. vibe.


No Age opens for Liars at El Rey Theatre, on Friday, February 22nd.


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