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Knock it off, Old Time Relijun! It's not funny!

February 25, 2008
Old Time Relijun, you really freak me out. I'm scared of vampires and witches and sewer rats and black widow spiders; why are you writing songs about such sinister subjects? And Arrington de Dionyso, why do you insist on singing about them using such a scary pitch? Your warbled, piercing tenor over tribal bass thumps and squealing saxophones sound like locusts approaching a seance.

I know you're from Olympia (certainly not as scary as Seattle) and are on K Records (Mirah and Saturday Looks Good to Me are not creepy AT ALL), so your background seems mostly normal. So why, then, are you so intent on tapping into my fears? Your up-to-no-good music might even make longtime creepers James Chance and Tom Waits invest in some Nite-Lites. Can't you just sing about bunnies like Deerhoof? But at least I know what to play next Halloween during my annual bobbing-for-satanic-apples party.

Old Time Relijun plays The Smell, on Saturday, March 8th.


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