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Bon Iver sings and strums through a glass darkly.

March 11, 2008
Justin Vernon is the folk force behind Wisconsin's Bon Iver. To record Bon Iver's already acclaimed debut For Emma, Forever Ago on Jagjaguwar (Black Mountain, Okkervil River), Vernon holed himself up in a cabin in the middle of the winter woods. These longing songs of rich regret certainly reflect those secluded surroundings. These songs speak of darkness, desperation and lost love, yet they do so most melodically.

Justin Vernon has drawn comparisons to Iron & Wine's Sam Beam, as they both are essentially one-man bands playing delicate acoustic pop. But Vernon's tenor prefers to soar high, whereas Beam favors to stay hushed. (For all you Flight of the Concords fans, don't you also think Vernon sometimes sounds like Jermaine?)

Bon Iver's songs remind me of an old-fashioned gospel revival. There's a lot of regret being offered up. And we're all lucky listeners to be able to hear Justin Vernon's cares.


Bon Iver play The Echo, on Thursday, March 20th.


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