Digitalism is like Justice and Simian Mobile Disco. Only a little less famous. - Oh My Rockness

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Digitalism is like Justice and Simian Mobile Disco. Only a little less famous.

March 25, 2008
Justice is playing the Mayan Theater on Monday, March 31st and it's probably going to sell out (if it's not sold-out already). So if you're a procrastinator and didn't get your tickets in advance (by using Oh My Rockness, perhaps?), don't crawl up in the fetal position and cry that you won't be able to electro-dance the night awawy. Just get tickets to see Digitalism the very next night (Tuesday, April 1st) at El Rey instead. Your ears won't know the difference, and hey, it's five bucks cheaper!

If you like Simian Mobile Disco or Justice, this is going to sound very familiar. Digitalism are a duo famous for their club-thumping remixes of "hot" indie bands (Klaxons, The Futureheads, Tom Vek) decides to record their own album of original electro-dance jams (recently released on Astralwerks) that slowly but surely saturates the city's nightlife scene.

Pretty much the only real difference between Digitalism and Simian Mobile Disco and Justice is their citizenship. Digitalism represents Germany, while Simian represents England, and Justice rocks Paris.

All three duos certainly know how to get a party started and have that party stay, um, started. If you like to dance to the sounds of laptops, synthesizers and samplers, then Digitalism is the band for you.


Digitalism play the El Rey Theatre, on Tuesday, April 1st.


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