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Celebrate 4th of July with Castledoor.

July 1, 2008
California's Castledoor sounds like the crooning, soulful pop of Cold War Kids (courtesy of singer Nate Cole) meets the sunshine melodies of Rogue Wave (courtesy of guitar/keys Gabe Combs and everyone else). Not a bad hybrid if you're looking for your band to "stick." The six people in this young group utilize lots of pretty keys and synths to support their breezy guitar pop.

Castledoor are currently unsigned, but did self-release a (now very hard-to-find) EP last year full of completely sing-a-longable songs. There's little doubt this band could get some major radio play in the very near future. But of course, they'll probably want to get signed to a label first. And you know, tour. Let's not jump the gun on these guys and get all hype crazy. It's early, dudes. It's early.

Castledoor play The Scene, on Friday, July 4th.


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