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Thee Oh Sees sound like nobody crossed with nobody.

September 8, 2008
San Francisco's wonderfully strange Thee Oh Sees is the latest project from the ex-Coachwhips leader and musical mad scientist, John Dwyer. With his band of three other experimental obsessives, Dwyer creates scattered psych-retro-reverb songs whose distorted and druggy melodies are surrounded by a messy lo-fi haze. It's all very muddled and slightly hippy and the rhythms are just bouncy enough to maybe get away with calling Thee Oh Sees punk.

The band's latest album The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In got recording and guest appearance help from fan Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio. John Dwyer's always appealing noise is for fans of Beach House, High Places and any of his other work (OCS, Pink & Brown and a half-dozen more bands).

Thee Oh Sees play The Smell, on Tuesday, September 16th.


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