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The Ruby Suns: pals and sound buddies with The Shins

October 13, 2008
New Zealand's The Ruby Suns is the project of the California-born Ryan McPhun. You might know him from his old band, The Brunettes? With his shuffling crew of collaborators that call themselves The Ruby Suns, McPhun creates a bright sunshine sound that Sub Pop always seems to be a sucker for. That's why the label just happily released The Ruby Suns' most recent record Sea Lion to great fanfair.

And after completing a 2007 tour with The Shins where everyone in the crowd was like, "The Shins' new stuff was ehhhh, but that opening band was ahhhhhh!" it's clear that The Ruby Suns have developed some nice touring verve of their own. The band's mix of pop, flamenco, strange samples, and Polynesian folk is a creative mash-up that blends together to become one big laid-back luau. Think The Dodos meets Jose Gonzalez meets The Beach Boys meets Panda Bear.

The Ruby Suns play Mr. T's Bowl, on Saturday, October 18th.


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