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No Devotion

October 19, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

No Devotion is a new band fronted by Geoff Rickly (Thursday + United Nations) and the remaining members of Welsh band Lostprophets (Lee Gaze + Luke Johnson + Mike Lewis + Stuart Richardson + Jamie Oliver - no, not that Jamie Oliver). You can look up what happened to Lostprophets and why they are not a band anymore. I don't want to tell you.

"So what kind of goodness are we looking at here, Whoa My Blobness?" Well, I'm so glad you asked that because I have a ready reply. Imagine if Thursday sounded like The Cure and called themselves No Devotion. That's not a bad daydream, right? Not a terrible thing to contemplate as you're sitting and staring out your window, yeah? Sure. Thursday meets The Cure is not a perfect comparison because I spent approximately 5 seconds pondering it. But it's something to pass the time, anyway. And it's a way better comparison than Thursday meets United Nations because this is totally not that.

The band will be making their live US debut in a few weeks in conjunction with the release of their debut EP (October 27th - 2014 A.D.) on Rickly's label, Collect Records. You can also get the single “Stay" right now if you want. It's already out. But maybe you want to listen to it first? OK. Here you go. Be careful though. It's a pretty big time jam.


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