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The Depreciation Guild does it like Double Dribble.

November 3, 2008
Every time I listen to these guys, I immediately want to look down and study my Sauconys. Brooklyn's The Depreciation Guild make lush, shoegaze-y sounds from guitars (no surprise there) and a Nintendo (surprise there). They're like fellow NYC guys Anamanaguchi, in that 8-bit respect, but Anamanaguchi doesn't sound like Slowdive and Ride and Lush. The Depreciation Guild does.

The duo is made up of Christoph Hochheim (Guitar, Vocals) and Kurt Feldman (Guitars, Vocals, video game/toy programming). As a side note, you may know Kurt as the drummer for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. But moving on, this band doesn't really rock the video game glitchy-clicky shtick for fun so much. In this case, the Nintendo (sorry, the "Famicom") acts as more of a background sound layer to fill in any gaps between nice and swirly guitar parts and catchy pop choruses sung in the band's best Britpop hush.

The Depreciation Guild play Silverlake Lounge, on Wednesday, November 12th.


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