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The 5 Best Shows in LA This Week

November 4, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

There are many good shows happening this week. But these 5 are the best. We were told as much in a dream. By God. That’s right. This is some divinely inspired shit. So help me blob.

#1. United Nations - Jewel's Catch One + The Observatory - Tues/Wed - November 4/5 - 2014 A.D.

Led by former Thursday guy (and current No Devotion dude) Geoff Rickly and also featuring members of Glassjaw + Converge + Pianos Become the Teeth, United Nations are a band that straight shreds. So bring a smile and your earplugs - unless you don’t want to hear the sweet sounds of your children’s children whining and crying someday.

#2. Deafheaven - Echoplex - Thursday - November 5 - 2014 A.D.

Speaking of brutal bands, here’s another one. Deafheaven also destroy. But if you listen really close you can hear all those pretty melodies floating above the destructive fray. It’s all about the contrast, man. Can’t have those pretty sunsets without those clouds, tho.

#3. We Were Promised Jetpacks + The Twilight Sad - The Fonda - Friday - November 6 - 2014 A.D.

It is impossible to be a bad band if you’re from Scotland. There’s no way you can suck. And We Were Promised Jetpacks + The Twilight Sad just corroborate that theory that’s not a theory but a cold stone FACT. You should really consider going to this if you like thunder and lightening. And I should really consider minding my own business.

#4. Slowdive + Low - The Theatre at Ace - Sat/Sun - November 8/9 - 2014 A.D.

Legendary British shoegaze alts Slowdive recently reunited after an almost twenty years hiatus. Joining them are the even-keeled indie vets Low. They’re probably my favorite band from Duluth, Minnesota. Some call Low “slowcore,” but Wikipedia tells me the members do not approve of this term. Man, for a slowcore band you’d think they’d be more chill about things.

#5. Mac DeMarco - The Fonda - Sun/Mon - November 9/10 - 2014 A.D.

This Canadian-cum-Brooklyn troubadour just wants to rock ‘n roll with you all night. You can let him at The Fonda tonight if you want. Please be advised there is a strict curfew in place. Otherwise, yeah, man, let’s rock ‘n roll all night.



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