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Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn's Arm Candy is a band of four (Kate + Jonah + Pier + Nathan) that play heavy jingle-jangle that snaps and sparks. It's a dope dance between punk and indie pop and will probably put you in a better mood, depending on the nature of the burdens you bring to an Arm Candy show.

The band formed in 2013 and since then have played shows with the following good bands: Shopping + Izzy True + Makthaverskan + Washer + Worriers + Cold Beat + Pill + Doubting Thomas Cruise Control + Potty Mouth + those are just some of the bands I've recently written nice things about on my music blob and if you click their name you can embrace their goodness too. But back to Arm Candy….

They recently released a self-titled album (nine songs, eighteen minutes, approximately, I tallied all the track times in my head w/o using a calculator or “idiot box" as my high school math teacher called them I forgot his name) and it's good (their earlier album is good too) but maybe that goes without saying. I don't write about bands that aren't good. That would be insane.

Anyway, would you like to listen to this good band now? You totally can thanks to my Herculean efforts sourcing their latest album via the World Wide Net. And just so you could have something enjoyable to listen to today. Isn't that sweet? Now, now. Don't thank me. Thank Arm Candy. They wrote the highly enjoyable songs. I just blob here.

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Published October 19, 2015



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