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Written by Patrick McNamara

Wouldn’t you want to listen to a band named Elvis Depressedly? Of course you would. That name rules. It may even be up there with ScotDrakula. Luckily, these soft-sparse-sad songs (except when they’re funny) also happen to be good. Who would listen to a band just because they have a sick name? That would be so dumb. You gotta have the songs, son.

Elvis Depressedly (born circa 2011) is from the mind of one guy - South Carolina's Mat Cothran. He also records under the name Coma Cinema. That band is worth exploring, too. But some other time perhaps. Live, Elvis Depressedly is a band and not just a person. Cothran has a whole crew to bring his sad but also kind of funny songs to life.

To give your ears a small taste of what this dude can do for you I have taken the liberty of posting a sad song for you below that’s also kind of funny. It's called “No More Sad Songs” but the Elvis Depressedly diehards refer to this one simply as “N.M.S.S.” It’s got a chill, contemplative vibe. Expect more goodness like this when the band (yes, it really is a band) releases their upcoming full-length on Run For Cover Records (home to: Whirr + Modern Baseball + Pity Sex + Crying* + on and on the goodness goes) sometime in the future when the fighting stops and everybody is confident and happy. I hope you like it.

*Elvis Depressedly should TOTALLY tour with Crying - that one would be a real laugh riot - because neither band is really all that sad.

Published November 18, 2014



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